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About Me

Hello, my name is Carl, aka MrTieDye.  I am an Artist and I love the medium of tie-dye.  I push the boundaries of tie-dye to place few people have seen.  I am constantly asked "how did you do THAT with tie-dye?"  

Great dyes, quality tees, and attention to detail, combined with my ability to embrace the random nature of liquid color equals an awesome new shirt for you to show off.*

I started twisting tees and splashing dye in August 2000 and quickly realized the unlimited potential of the tie-dye medium.  I have experimented with many techniques of tie-dye as I explored its history.  Now, along with my peers, I am boldly contributing to the future of this dynamic new face now emerging in the World of Art ~ Tie-Dye!

Want something different, need a stage backdrop or one of your favorite tees re-made??   
I do many types of custom orders, let me know if I can 'Dye' for you. 

Contact me directly at 503-569-5832, or you can comment on one of the photos you like.  I will send an invoice through PayPal or will accept a money order, and then I will create and ship your new dye by Priority Mail.

* Not responsible for all of the extra attention and compliments you will receive while wearing one of my tees or dresses or yoga pants ( well really I am, but I warned you).

I also share this art form through school events, see my School Information link to the left and help me share the joy of creating a tee with more children.

  View photos of my work over at  Picasa 
or friend 
Carl McClellan MrTieDye on FaceBook to keep up to date with my lastest creations.

You can find my art in Silverton, OR, downtown at the Silverton Green Store located in the old Wolfe Building, or go online to my Etsy Store,
MrTieDye, to check out some of my latest work.

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